Is it really another way of giving a “slow clap”? GRIN

I’m a type A personality. Driven for results in both my business and personal life. I’m extremely motivated by rewards — claps, comments and highlights are HUGE rewards! I aim for my stories to give insight and in most cases — a bit of a chuckle as a bonus.

I LOVE seeing who has engaged, highlighted, commented and clapped for my articles.

I’ll engage back. Follows, comments, highlights and claps.

I’m new on the platform — I just started writing in late November. I’m still learning. …

How to conduct a job interview like a rock star!

I love concerts. During the summer in my home city in Canada, there are always some incredible shows.

All concerts, of course, were canceled this year….which made me reminisce about last year — pre-COVID.

The talent lineup was amazing for a full afternoon and evening concert event…

Billy Idol, Blondie, Doug & The Slugs along with some 90s sex pistol type angry band. HA. That was my cue to hit the bathroom and bar line up.

The highlight was Billy Idol.

Sidebar 1: I think he should be my next husband. We could share hair products. GRIN.

Sidebar 2: I was seeing a new hairstylist…

And a sneaky tie-in to finding transferrable skills in your next hire

I had a crazy day out seeing clients. For any of you who are in sales, when your workday is spent in your car, it can sometimes get a touch messy with books, proposals, water bottles, parking receipts, snacks, and such.

I got in my car last Friday morning and I thought to myself…
GEEZ you were a little bit of a messy-pants yesterday.

Receipts, phone chargers, and parking passes were scattered across my passenger seat.

Am I losing my mind? I really don’t recall ever leaving my car that messy.

I started to gather up the bits of paper.

GRIN. I know you’re curious.

I make a point to listen to the sports highlights on the news each morning.

Most of my clients are men (and avid sports fans, so I make it a point to know the highlights). I can carry a reasonable sports conversation on the latest highlights and rankings on most sports.

I also like to have a “what’s new in sports” chat with my team each morning before we start meeting with clients.

BUT, sometimes the depth of my lack of sports knowledge shines like a beacon.

Spill warning ahead.

I had a really BIG blonde sports moment during the…

Yes, there’s a video clip

I had the honour of being a “celebrity” judge for an incredible fund-raising “dancing with the stars” inspired gala last year. I was soooooooooooooo excited!

Finally, an event where no amount of sparkle is ever too much! GRIN.

I pulled out my favourite black sequined dress. Rhinestone cuff bracelets on both arms. (Of course!) A giant sparkly ring. A glittering necklace and sparkly shoes. I was set!

The ballroom was stunning. People arrived dressed to the 9’s. Tuxes. Formal military attire. Ballgowns. And, my fellow fans of sparkle…came out in droves.

The event organizer was clear with her direction to…

3 silly mistakes that give away your age

50. The big 5.0. And, sh!t, you’re on the job market.

Read this before you send out another resume.

I’m a recruiter and author of a best-selling book, “Hired!”. I love dishing on all of my “insider secrets” to make job searching easier.

I’ve been interviewed as a job search, resume and interview expert throughout Canada. In fact, I just did a morning show interview a few days ago on this very topic: Job Searching Over 50.

Here’s the link if you’d like to watch the television interview clip:

(I’ll write another story about the heart-stopping 10 minutes before…

It’s about super-snazzy, steel-toed stilettos. Yes, super-snazzy.

Dear Mr. CEO of Guess,

This is an SOS request.

Guess shoes help keep my business running. Literally!

Why are your shoes so important to me and why am I panicking about a recent decision you made?

I published my first book, “ Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter .”, five years ago. It became an Amazon best-seller in both Canada and the USA within 24 hours of going live. It’s written in a fun, creative, edgy and bold way. It isn’t your average dull resume…

But, not too far — you don’t want to have it smack you in the head.

You’ve made it. Your resume managed to filter to the top of the pile. The hiring manager liked what they saw, so they called you. You got a passing grade on the initial phone interview. And, then you went through one or two or more interviews. All with flying colors. Phew!

You provided your references. And, they were golden. Everything is done.

You’re excited. You like the company, the manager, and the role. Maybe you’ve even met the team. That’s a thumbs up too!

A funny story about the dreaded white envelope

Man with a white envelope for “Resignations Suck” article

My superstar recruiter made my heart stop a few days ago.

He walked into my office with the dreaded white envelope in hand. We all know what the white envelope contains.

A resignation letter.


Before he could say a word, my mind raced a million thoughts. OMG. Not now. We’re so busy and I neeeeeed you! Who do I know? Who could I hire? When am I going to get time to train?

My eyes bugged out as I looked up at him.

He said, “Hey Sheila, here’s my health spending account expenses for physio.”

I replied with an…

My cat needs a Fitbit.

Who knew? Yes, there are cardiologists who specialize in cats. And, my giant Maine Coon cat, Phoebe needed one.

We were at her regular vet, and she detected a heart murmur and an issue with her brain not recognizing that she’s drinking water.

Poor thing was spending most of her day at her water bowls and in the kitty “powder room”.

So, Phoebe and I dashed to the specialist vet clinic. She had an appointment with the internal medicine specialist AND the cardiologist to address both her heart and water consumption.

(I shone up my credit card for that visit.)

Sheila Musgrove

Best-selling author, “Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig.” & “Unexpected Mentors.” I write about recruitment, with a twist & a dose of humor.

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